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Personal Trainer

Horn’s background comes from an exercise philosophy where science and rationale take precedence over what is trending in the industry. His concise application and attention to detail proves again and again that his methods work well in a time-efficient manner, contrary to conventional exercise practices. Horn has authored three books: Applied Exercise Science, Stage Ready and Muscular Hypertrophy. Applied Exercise Science is a thick textbook on the broad scope of the science and application of exercise and nutrition. Stage Ready is focused on natural contest preparation and shows you how to get stage ready without the use of drugs. Muscular Hypertrophy is a textbook on muscle growth with over 500 cited references. He also teaches an advanced personal training course at CSN in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are looking to compete or change your body the NATURAL WAY, then begin the change you want to see in yourself and get started!

Specialties: Body recomposition and contest prep.

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