This book will give you workout and diet plans to help you tighten and TONE UP! I also provide food substitutions and supplement recommendations!



Macro My Meals gives you 50 delicious recipes to choose from which provides all the macronutrients for each serving (protein, carb, and fat). Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain weight, you can incorporate any of these recipes into your daily nutritional regimen without sacrificing taste! It’s okay to enjoy food and Macro My Meals gives you plenty of options!



This is a book of diets dedicated to women! I have over 40 diets to choose from (ranging from 1000 to 2100 calories) and guidelines for you to figure out WHICH diet you need to utilize at any given time. All diets are specified by two things: caloric intake and carb intake. I also provide supplementation recommendations to help aid the process. If you are unsure of the FOOD SOURCES to eat, the MACRONUTRIENTS you need and the CALORIC intake to consume, then this book will give you that guidance! 



The SECRET to a flat stomach is here! Learn the secrets to getting lean!



Looking to get dry and stay full for a particular event? Natty Peaking provides you with the details of doing exactly that: it focuses on achieving a dry and crisp look while giving the muscles a big and full appearance. Whether you are a competitor wanting to look your best on show day, or seeking to look your best for a photoshoot, Natty Peaking will help direct you in attaining the best look you can possibly have that day.



Applied Exercise Science is a 556 page textbook that provides the educational tools where you, the average gym enthusiast or fitness instructor, can understand exercise and nutrition on a deeper level. It does this by thoroughly examining the relationships between theory and practice, which gives an in-depth understanding in how to go about applying all the information herein. On top of the abundant amount of literature within the book, relevant research has been compiled to support these notions, but to also further stimulate your own learning to either draw similar or independent conclusions. In the end this helps us all, since many of us seek a better understanding of the sciences and practices involved in exercise and nutrition.

eBook Hardcover


Stage Ready goes against the conventional grain in how to apply contest preparation. Not only does it give you important details needed for this journey, but it also doesn’t bombard you with the “broscience” you are routinely exposed to in all the fitness circles. This innovative book discusses all aspects of bodybuilding competitions, such as preparation methods, metabolic damage, peaking, drug usage, posing, politics, and much more. With this book, you will actualize your vision of stepping on stage; if you are already a competitor, you’ll be refreshed with a different perspective.



Muscular Hypertrophy provides the science, rationale and application so that you can put theory into practice and increase your muscle mass. With the abundant amount of research we have today in the field of exercise science, and more specifically skeletal muscle hypertrophy, there is no reason why you cannot reach your full muscular potential. Muscular Hypertrophy is a research-based, educational book for those who have the desire to learn more about the riveting science and practical application of how and why our muscles grow. Academically, this book can also be utilized as a comprehensive learning tool for university students. Thus, this text is for a variety of individuals—personal trainers, exercise scientists, college students, exercise enthusiasts, fitness competitors, or anyone with the hunger to gain a better understanding of muscular growth.

eBook Hardcover

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